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4 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Workforce Motivated

If you rely on mobile offices and staff to administer your projects, you want off-site employees to feel like part of your team. Each interaction your mobile staff has with your clients, vendors, and officials is a fresh opportunity to make an impression.

Will your company look knowledgeable and well-staffed or thoughtless and disinterested? Keep your mobile staff focused on the bottom line - and your image - by following these four tips.

1. Choose Off-Site Workers Wisely

Here are qualities to look for in your off-site workers:
  • Ability to work unsupervised
  • Sense of appropriate attire for business
  • Mastery of tasks and responsibilities
  • Discipline with expense accounts and resources
  • Understanding of steps and players in mobile projects
  • Proven compliance with industry rules and regulations
Don't discount married or older workers, assuming only young people want to see the world while they work. Your best workers may be married and older who best understand the sacrifices involved in off-site work and have the best interests of your company in mind.

2. Listen to Your Chosen Experts

Before you order mobile office structures for a project location, sit down with the workers who will staff the off-site building. Let your chosen experts tell you what they need in a mobile office.

You may believe you know what your off-site staff needs, but those working in the field (and in their particular niche) have the actual experience to know which features will help them work productively.

Some field teams want the open-office plan that features one smaller room for private consultations. Some teams prefer to have a mobile office divided into three separate spaces to reduce distraction and keep work duties separate.
Ask your team to describe their needs, including how many of the following they require:
  • Desks
  • Electrical outlets
  • Overhead lights
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Counters/work tables
  • Filing cabinets
If computer racks, construction lights, or other large equipment will be stored inside the mobile office, security is key. Your staff may recommend ordering a trailer with a garage-style door and ramp.

The rolling door feature makes it easy for workers to move, secure, and lock up valuable mobile equipment. When you select a temporary office that meets their needs, you ensure your mobile team has the tools to stay organized, safety-conscious, and productive.

3. Provide Fail-Safe and Nurturing Communication Methods

Have a primary and secondary method of contact for your mobile employees. No matter the time of day or night, mobile project managers must be able to reach a human in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Establish a program for video conferencing between the home office and the field site. You don't want to waste your employees' time with this feature, but a friendly once-a-week check-in with everyone on site can go a long way toward helping your mobile workforce feel appreciated and acknowledged.

If you use cloud-based platforms for bids, invoices, documents, and other communication, ensure that you back up your data at the remote site. Contact your field IT workers on a daily basis to discuss any security or data storage concerns they may have.

4. Offer Perks to Make Off-Site Work Fun

Keep off-site workers energized with small but memorable incentives. If you travel somewhere and never see the sites, that's no fun, so give your workers the gift of a little tourism.

Purchase tickets and gift certificates to notable places around the mobile location. Treat the off-site staff to dinner in an upscale restaurant or a day at an amusement park near the mobile office.

When your mobile team is in a truly remote location, send them treats, apparel, and other goodies to cheer them up and build goodwill. Offering perks to your traveling workers gives them something to brag about when they get home and encourages workers to work at field locations in the future.

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